Non-Water Services

Play sessions


We are proud to offer private archery lessons. Rod has long been an archery enthusiast and has run the archery programs for several camps and a youth group. He has found that kids get really excited about archery. Flinging shafts at hay bales and learning to control breathing and stance can be very Zen. Kids learn to focus as well as have a great deal of fun. All we need for archery lessons is a little backyard space with a good back stop area and a willingness to try this ancient art. We supply all equipment including a portable target. Kids should be at least 7-8 years old for archery.

Tactical Gaming


What is Airsoft? Airsoft is a tactical combat sport using guns that shoot plastic 6mm BBs and always, always using eye protection. Compared to paintball, Airsoft is a much easier production since we can do Airsoft in your backyard. The eye protection is the most important piece of equipment in airsoft. We use full face masks and also clear glasses.

If you have a decent back yard with a reasonable amount of open space we can create a great field using inflatable bunkers and tarps. The ideal yard would be open but would also have features in the middle such as trees or small structures that we can use for cover. The idea is to divide the kids into two teams, supply them with the eye wear or masks, airsoft guns and ammo and let them battle while we referee and troubleshoot.

Scenarios can range from the very simple such as Elimination to more complex variants such as Escort the VIP, Football, Capture the Flag or Terminator. We favor spring guns for our Airsoft parties rather than the higher rate of fire electric or gas guns. This has a couple of benefits. Firstly this causes the kids to genuinely aim each shot as they have to cock the weapon each time. Secondly this results in a lower overall rate of fire. Contrast this with the wild spray of ammo that tends to result with kids being given semi automatic or automatic airsoft guns and we come to the major advantage of springs guns for you: Less pellets scattered around your property. We use biodegradable pellets but still it is better to have less of them strewn about.

We have two different velocity ranges of airsoft guns. The weaker ones are appropriate for younger kids (7-8 and up) or for any age on a hot summer day in T shirts. The more powerful guns are better for slightly older kids (10-11 and up). The older kids don’t mind the harder hits so much and they are better able to manipulate the guns.

For the record, even our more powerful guns are still pretty moderate (No more than 300-330 FPS). They make some pretty powerful airsoft guns (450+ FPS) especially in rifle form and these are pretty silly in my opinion. Your child will no doubt gravitate to precisely this kind of more powerful rifle at the sporting goods store but the problem with these over powered guns is that most kids or even adults do not want to play with these weapons because they can hit hard enough to leave welts. What is the fun in that? The more moderate velocity guns result in a brief sting and sometimes not even that. Even for the purpose of practicing marksmanship I don’t recommend the powerful airsoft rifles. Mostly because of the very light ammo, airsoft guns are not precision instruments with pinpoint accuracy and thus are pretty lousy for backyard target practice anyway compared to a BB gun.  For these reasons I think the high powered airsoft guns are basically useless.