Swim Lessons

Rod has developed a very effective and highly praised technique over the last two decades of teaching thousands of children to swim. This technique is child centered, holistic, informed by developmental psychology and includes gentle encouragement, silly games, colorful toys, bribery, cajolery, laughter and yes, sometimes a little crying. The result has always been a proud and happy swimmer. Every child is unique and learns a bit differently than other children. It is our goal to “tune in” to each child during the first several lessons in order to determine which of the broad range of techniques at our disposal will be the most effective for each particular child. Some kids are chomping at the bit and can be progressed so quickly that they learn in a matter of weeks or even days. Others must work through various fears and separation anxiety before they are comfortable in a lesson environment. Once a child is comfortable with the instructor and lessons it is a short road to becoming a safe and happy swimmer. Because every child is unique, a personal and private swim instruction experience will always be the best and most efficient means of developing water safety and water skills in children.

Surf Lessons

We put a lot of thought and effort into making sure that our surf lessons are as fun and productive as possible. We know the initial learning curve of surfing can be difficult so we seek to make the first steps as easy as we can. This means taking you to the right break, on the right day and putting you on the right board. A lot of surf schools will wind up teaching you at a beach break such as Santa Monica, probably in white water and on boards no bigger than 8′ or 9′. It’s easier for the instructors to do lessons this way but we prefer to go to a little more trouble and take you to a break with a slow rolling wave and to put you on a big, easy board that will be as stable as a sidewalk. We teach individuals or small groups and we usually have a 1-1 or 1-2 instructor to student ratio.


Beach Parties


Our beach parties are a blast. For these events our twin goals are Safe and Exciting. For open water, we use inflatables that are larger and sturdier than the ones we use for pool parties. You should see our white water surf ride that multiple kids (or adults too!) can enjoy together. We also use equipment such as Boogie boards, soft top surfboards and standup paddle boards as well as inflatable boats and kayaks. To entertain those who stay on the sand, we come ready with giant Frisbees, rope games and various other sports activities. A higher lifeguard to child ratio is appropriate for beach parties as compared to pool parties.

Pool Parties


We are famous for our fun pool parties. We aim for your pool party to be Safe and Fun. We not only lifeguard but actively entertain the pool party guests as well. While some of our team will be on deck scanning for trouble, others will be in the pool playing with the kids. With years of pool game experience and the latest and greatest inflatables we are well equipped to provide a memorable pool party experience.